Amiko A3 Player [ Kodi addon ]

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Amiko A3 Player [ Kodi addon ]

Postby Kodi_Koder » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:23 pm

Hi all

Today i am posting My new addon for users of the Amiko A3 SAT / ANDROID hybrid combo box

Using this addon you will be able to watch all of your freeview and freesat chanells from your amiko box on any other kodi device connected to the same network.

to use this addon you will need todo a little setup first of all you will need need the ip address of your boxs web portal to get this you will need to open the ( spark connector ) application from you systems tab. Once you have this open you will need to look for the web server url this will sart like so http://192.168.***.***

once you have this you will need to download the addon from the following url

and then install the zip file to your box if you want to make this faster you can add the above url to the file manager in kodi

when the addon opens you will get asked to enter the ipaddress for your amiko box just enter this sit back and enjoy it should now work


if you get a script error when trying to open the menu items this means your device is not being allowed to connect there is an easy way to solve this open the web browser on the device you have the a3 player installed and enter the web server url this will register the device :)

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Re: Amiko A3 Player [ Kodi addon ]

Postby gsned » Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:10 pm

I've seen this player demoed on YouTube.....looks amazing. The URL in your post seems to be invalid? Where can I download this adddon from? Happy to throw a few bucks your way for all the effort!

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